Sophomore Year

Sophomore Year

Ballet 3 & 4

An in-depth study of the foundation of classical ballet technique mastered in freshmen year with an emphasis on increasing physical, technical, musical and artistic expectations and skill. Students are also introduced to specific musical concepts that aid in the execution of their movement.

Modern 3 & 4

A continuation of the study of the Graham technique of modern dance. Emphasis is placed on increased technical strength and vocabulary. In the spring of Sophomore year students will be introduced to the Lester Horton technique of modern dance with an emphasis placed on core strength, clarity of codified shapes and movement in space.

Dance History

An exploration of the history of dance from pre-historic times to the 21st century with a highly interactive approach. Major choreographers as well as their dancers and works are viewed and discussed in class. Dancers, choreographers and scholars are regularly invited for lecture/demonstrations. Each unit of study examines the historical, social and cultural context of the time period studied as well as the evolution of other art forms (music, art, theater) and literary works and their relation to dance.