Senior Year

Senior Year

Ballet 7 & 8

Senior year, a greater emphasis is placed on developing a harmonious balance between clarity of movement, mastery of the complexity and versatility of advanced level ballet technique, musicality, artistry and professionalism. Students are expected to become competitive for auditions to dance colleges and to be able to address the technical and behavioral demands of an advanced level class in the industry.

Modern 7 & 8

The study of both the Graham and Horton technique of modern dance technique with an emphasis on stage technique and performance, and audition experience learned through experience in school auditions conducted by guest choreographers.  Students are expected to be responsible for arranging after-school activities around the needs of the dance department and to know their own rehearsal schedules, costume fittings, and photography shoots.

Career Management

The study of the dancer's professional career, including contracts, unions, auditions, resumes, head shots, and self-produced concerts.  In addition, alternative careers within the field of dance are explored through the use of guest speakers.


The Senior Dance Ensemble works with eminent guest artists from a  variety of disciplines. In recent years, the SDE's collaborators have  included choreographers Camille Brown, Brunilda Ruiz, Paul Taylor, and  Mathew Neenan, conductors Justin DeCioccio and Bob Stewart, costume  designer George Hudacko, lighting designer Farley Whitfield, and laser artist Norman Ballard.