Junior Year

Junior Year

Ballet 5 & 6

The extension of in-depth study mastered in sophomore year with a strong emphasis on more complex coordination, technical skill, musicality and artistic expression.

Modern 5 & 6

The study of advanced-intermediate work added to previous work in Graham technique in Freshman and Sophomore years. The student is expected to master extensive knee work and standing falls. Students will be also continue to study the dance technique of Lester Horton, building upon vocabulary learned in Sophomore year. Also expected is the ability to execute complex technical and musical combinations with knowledge of stage and musical terms.

Theater Dance

Jazz and Musical Theatre Technique: The study of American jazz dance techniques as used in commercial theatre, film and television. The student is expected to have an understanding both verbal and performance of this dance form through changing eras.

Tap Dance: The study of the basics of this vernacular dance form. Students will be expected to master tap vocabulary, techniques of rhythmic clarity and use of weight shift, traditional steps such as the Shim Sham, Waltz Clog, Soft Shoe and Time Steps as well as learn different stylistic approaches from musical theatre tap to rhythm tap. More experienced students will be placed in a more advanced class.

Choreography Workshop

The study of basic rhythmic, spatial, and dynamic materials used in the designing of dance.  From short simple works, the student choreographer will progress to larger compositions and produce a complete work for evaluation by the dance faculty and formal presentation during the senior year at the annual February Dance Showcase.